Skin prepping for you wedding day

Having healthy glowing skin on your wedding day doesn’t happen over night.

I suggest to brides to start as early as possible if they aren’t already using a good home skin care regime.

Going to a qualified skin care specialist would be a great start, as they can tailor make a take home skin regime to suit any skin concerns you may have. They can also advise you on what professional services are available.

Adding in some salon services is a very effective way to get a deep exfoliation to remove any flaky dry skin. And a kick start for you on going home treatments.

*Tips for basic skin routine

- Exfoliate 2x a week at home

- Use a hyaluronic acid serum daily

- Use a moisturiser with SPF daily

- Use a night cream

- Eye cream daily

Product suggestions:

I'm loving the serum range from Triple A Skin Science at the moment. Its simple, no fuss range with powerful results. And the packaging is the bomb!

Use the code "BUNDLE4" to get 30% OFF when you purchase all 4 serums.

Your diet is also important for maintaining bright healthy skin. Make sure you are eating loads of fruit and vegetables which are high in antioxidants. Avoid fats and sugars and limit your alcohol consumption. Adding in a good quality multivitamin and probiotic to support gut health.

Exercise is another way to look radiant on your big day, this increases your circulation. Not only will it improver your skin but your overall health and mental well being. As we know planning a wedding can be quite stressful, exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) which will help you relax.

*Some of my favourite advanced services are

- Microdermabrasion

- Derma pen

- Meso needling

- Fractional laser

- Laser pigment removal

- Botox

- Fillers

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