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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

When It comes to beauty treatments, fair chance I’ve tried it or I want too.

So, when I started to go to the girls at in my skin, I had to try their new DMK enzyme facial.

My therapist Rylee has created a personalised treatment plan for me, so far, I have had 4 facials spaced about 2 weeks apart and I’m loving the results. She has recommended doing about 6-8 treatments. Each treatment is tailored to my skins needs and concerns.

The treatment itself is unlike any facial I have tried before. This isn’t your average ‘fluffy’ relaxation facial. The first time you receive the treatment you start with Enzyme “level 1” and as you progress onto the next levels Rhylee goes a bit deeper by adding extra steps like peels and different masks with the treatment as my skin is getting stronger.

The mask itself is slightly uncomfortable at first, as its dries, it gets quite tight and you can feel your skin pulsing, it’s a strange feeling, Its not painful and as it needs to be on for 45mins I have found I have drifted off to sleep with it on.

My skin is feeling fresher, plumper and glowing., The DMK enzyme treatments main purpose is to detoxify your skin using your own lymphatic system. It works to remove dead protein cells from the skins surface.

DMK enzyme treatment works on the skin from a cellular level, so that it gets to the core of any problems. The treatment flushes out the impurities and adds new oxygen and nutrients to the blood. It helps stimulate collagen production and restore the structural integrity back into your skin

Like with any treatment if you aren’t using professional take home products you won’t get the full benefits. I have added the EFA Ultra supplements to my beauty regime which contains ingredients high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and fucoidan to help my skin from the inside encouraging moisture and optimal skin function, I also use the take home DMK enzyme peel which I do once a week, which helps keep my skin bright and glowing.

Check out the treatments available at:

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